High Volume Chemical Resistant Siphon Pump

MODEL# 236PF4-S-SHigh Volume Chemical Resistant Siphon Pump

  • Siphons downhill if source is higher than receptacle @ 5 gallons / minute
  • Also acts as a positive displacement hand lift pump @ 28 oz. per / stroke
  • Constructed of rigid & flexible PVC
  • Non Corrosive and Non Rusting
  • Solvent welded for “No Leak” construction
  • Valves and Seals of Viton®
  • Rigid PVC check valve
  • Adapters available to fit most drum bung openings
Barrel Length - 38”
Barrel Diameter- 1-1/2”
Hose Length - 48”
Hose Diameter - 1” OD, .75” ID 
Pump with 2" Standard Adapter and 4' Discharge Hose shown.

  • Ensure that pump is properly placed and secured in drum and that the discharge hose is directed into the receptacle.
  • SLOWLY lift handle STRAIGHT up and down to start flow
  • Fully extend handle to allow siphon action to commence
  • Siphon action stops when the handle is depressed and the hose is removed from receptacle
See adapter guide for proper adapter.
WARNING! Plan carefully for liquid to drain from hose after dispensing
WARNING! Remove pump from container when not in use to prevent unintentional siphon action or unauthorized us