Important Safety and Warranty Information

Safety Usage Guide for Acids and Alkalis

The stronger the concentration of the chemicals being transferred, the shorter the life of the pump. Before each use, the pump, hose and seal around the shaft should be examined for any trace of leakage. A visual inspection should also be made for any signs of swelling or cracking. Should any leak or defect be found, it is time to replace the pump.

Extreme care should be taken when handling any hazardous liquid. Protective clothing including eye goggles and face shield should be worn to protect the operator from any splash or spill during the transfer.

If you are using more than one chemical, it is strongly suggested that a separate pump be assigned to each chemical. This will insure against contamination and chemical reaction.

Should it be necessary to use the same pump for different chemicals, extreme care should be taken to assure that the pump is cleaned between uses. Should the pump contain any concentrated acid when it is flushed with water, an exothermic chemical reaction could result in the destruction of the pump.

Do NOT pump to a level higher than the pump itself. If necessary, raise the container. The receptacle should always be equal to or lower than the pump.

Always use the adapters to hold pump to container. This allows you to pump with one hand, and to hold the hose and direct flow with the other.


Special pumps are manufactured to transfer specific chemicals and are marked at the factory for these specific usages. They should not be used to transfer any other chemical.

Safety Usage Guide for Flammable Liquids

Please be careful. The major dangers in storing or handling flammable liquids are those of fire and explosion.
Storage containers should be grounded if made of conductive material and should not be near sources of sparks, open flames or hot surfaces. The container should be kept in an area where spillage (liquid or vapors) will not flow to an ignition source. DO NOT ALLOW SMOKING IN THE AREA. Be sure to provide adequate ventilation to prevent concentration of fumes. Remember, fumes of flammable liquids are highly explosive. Fire extinguishers suitable for chemical fires should be readily available. Water is generally not suitable as an extinguisher of a chemical fire. Ensure means of safe disposal of any spillage before transferring. Liquid should only be transferred to an approved safety container. If such a container is conductive then it should be connected to the storage container with a grounding strap to prevent static electric spark.

Before each use, a visual inspection of the pump should be made for any signs of cracking or leaking. Should any defect be found it is time to replace the pump.

Guidelines for handling flammable liquids can be obtained from the National Fire Protection Agency, Batterymarch Park, Quincy, Massachusetts 02269

Always remove pump from container when not in use.


Here is a chemical resistance guide to help select the pump you need here.

DO NOT use the Beckson pump with the following chemicals:
Amyl Acetate
Aromatic Hydrocarbons
Benzoyl Chloride
Bromine, Anhydrous Liquid
Butyl Acetate
Carbon Tetrachloride
Chromic Acid
Ethyl Acetate
Ethyl Chloride
Lacquer Solvents
Methyl Ethyl Ketone

When in doubt regarding the chemical compatibility of the pump or liquid,
call or write Beckson at:
Tel: (203) 453 -3033 Fax: (203) 453 -1302
P.O. Box 468 Guilford, CT 06437

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