FDA Listed Pumps

Lil" Dolly - Bucket / Pail DollyBeckson's FDA listed pumps are constructed of FDA compliant materials and conform to regulations under CFR 21 for indirect food contact.

The pumps have Viton valves and seals with a glass marble check valve and can be fitted with a wide variety of adapters to meet the openings of the various liquid containers in the market place today. All these pumps are 12" long, have a 12" polyethylene dip tube, and pump @ 5 ounces/stroke.s

 Stock Number Hose Length
or Spout
CF1209 9" Clear Hose None
CF1209S 9" Clear Hose STD 2" IPS
CF12SP Spout None
CF12SPS Spout STD 2" IPS